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Market Segment Manager (Commercial, Aerospace, Marine)


Pantheon Enterprises


Phoenix, AZ


Full Time


5-8 Years

Job Description:

To date, Pantheon has influenced significant changes in the industrial chemical industry by successfully developing and commercializing safer, high performance alternatives to toxic chemicals and hazardous processes. They’re looking for a Market Segment Manager


The Market Segment Manager will grow current channel partner relationships, and also identify, evaluate and solidify new worldwide distribution partnerships within the Aerospace, Marine and Ground Transportation industries.

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Pantheon Enterprises Jobs Management TITLE: Market Segment Manager (Commercial, Aerospace, Marine)
job description

Pantheon Enterprises Jobs

Market Segment Manager

Pantheon is looking to hire a Market Segment Manager to work full time in their location in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this role, you will be considered a critical member of the Pantheon team. You responsibilities will include profit and loss within market segment. You will be in charge of performance metrics and operational plans. You will manage sales targets and marketing materials.

Here at Pantheon, we have influenced significant changes in the industrial chemical industry by successfully developing and commercializing safer, high performance alternatives to toxic chemicals and hazardous processes. We are now in search of a Market Segment Manager. We hire individuals who are passionate and want to be part of corporate culture. For this reason, we ask that candidates have 5-8+ years of related experience, work well with others, and have specific credentials and certifications related to the field.

Working as an Market Segment Manager

As a Market Segment Manager for our company, you must have strong business partnering skills. While working to the best of your ability, you will be collaborating with others and must be able to multi-task. The work will be challenging, but very rewarding. If you are able to work well with others and participate in healthy debate, then this is the job for you!

At Pantheon, we recognize that our employees are very important for the success of our company. We hire the best, most passionate candidates, and for this reason we set high standards for our applicants. We ask that you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. You must have 5 to 8 years experience with distribution relationships. You must also be able to demonstrate the ability to manage multiple projects.

Why Pantheon? /

Pantheon is a fast growing company, and our purpose is to do nothing short of changing the world. Our company was formed in the mid 80’s. Today, Pantheon's world-class facilities manufacture innovative, high-performance environmentally safe chemicals used by governments, commercial enterprises and consumers around the world. Our mission at Pantheon is to revolutionize the industrial chemical industry. We will do this by replacing widely-used hazardous products / processes with technologies that are high-performance, safe and a significant improvement to our customers' bottom line.

Pantheon is widely-known for breakthrough technologies that are environmentally safe. Our technologies will shatter the myth that 'safe' technologies are more expensive, less effective and harder to implement. We will become a magnet for technologies that meet our standard of 'wow' and safety - which we can uniquely commercialize via our extremely loyal customer base and our vertical market strength. We will also become a magnet for outstanding, collaborative people who have a passion for making a difference. And we will be known for our high involvement in improving the communities where we operate.

Here at Pantheon, we value our employees and appreciate all that they do for us. To demonstrate this, we offer a comprehensive benefits package just to show how much we care. Employee benefits include medical, dental, and vision plans. We also offer 401(k) plans as well as retirement savings plans. We also give our employees paid time off as well as holiday pay. We also offer relocation assistance for qualified candidates.

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