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Clinical Instructor


Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland, OH


Full Time



Job Description:

Cleveland Clinic has Clinical Instructor positions available in the ICU, Med-Surg, Emergency Department, Cardiac, and Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital.


As a Clinical Instructor, you will plan, instruct, and evaluate educational activities for nursing programs and personnel.

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Cleveland Clinic Jobs Healthcare TITLE: Clinical Instructor
job description

Cleveland Clinic Jobs

Clinical Instructor

Cleveland Clinic is looking to hire clinical instructors to work full time at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

In this role, your main responsibilities will be to instruct patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals in a number of different fields. You will implement education activities for nursing programs and personnel.

We ask that applicants have at least 2 years of experience, as well as a Bachelor’s degree and current licensure in the state of Ohio, or at least the ability to obtain one. Great communications skills are required for this job, as well as compassion and an enthusiasm for providing high quality healthcare.

Working as a Clinical Instructor

As a Clinical Instructor here at Cleveland Clinic, your main duties will include instruction in the ICU, Med-Surg, Emergency, Cardiac, or Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. With several options as to where you will teach, the job will never grow boring. You will plan, instruct, and evaluate educational activities for nursing programs and personnel. During the workday you will collaborate with nurses, managers, and staff, in order to produce the highest quality care possible. You will also be responsible for the ongoing development of nurses within Cleveland Clinic and the rest of the community.

Since our hospital is held in such high regards, it is crucial that we hire individuals as dedicated to and as enthusiastic about healthcare as we are. For this reason this position requires a Bachelors degree in nursing and a thorough knowledge of several different effective teaching methodologies. We ask that candidates have at least 2 years of recent nursing experience and great interpersonal skills. A registered nurse licensure from the state of Ohio is required, or at least the ability to obtain. Leadership skills are a must, as well enthusiasm and dedication.

Why Cleveland Clinic?

Since 1921, Cleveland Clinic has served more than 3.8 million patients, and has employed more than 2,700 physicians and scientists. Cleveland Clinic was named one of America’s top 4 hospitals by U.S. News and World Report in 2010. With 9 community hospitals and 15 family health centers, we work solely to provide the best overall healthcare to our patients that we can. We strive to be the world’s leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, and research education. We value quality, innovation, teamwork, service, integrity, and compassion, and incorporate these principle into our everyday work lives in order to excel as a healthcare provider.

Here at Cleveland Clinic, we value our employees and appreciate all that they do for us. To demonstrate this, we offer a comprehensive benefits package just to show how much we care. Employee benefits include an Employee Health Plan, eye care, a day care center for children of employees, a number of exercise classes to promote a healthy lifestyle, and a package that includes a comprehensive list of insurance for life, health, disability, and more.

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