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Enterprise Risk Management


Fannie Mae


Washington D.C.


Full Time


4-8 Years

Job Description:

The group's general goal is to assess and manage enterprise risk.


Members of this team are responsible for managing risk that is originated and managed within a governance model structure.

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Fannie Mae Jobs Finance TITLE: Enterprise Risk Management
job description

Fannie Mae Jobs

Enterprise Risk Management Jobs

Fannie Mae is searching for Enterprise Risk Management specialists to work for us in Washington D.C.

As a member of our Enterprise Risk Management team, your main goal will be to asses and manage enterprise risk that is originated and managed within a governance model structure.

We are looking for candidates who have between four and eight years of experience with risk management. Applicants must also have a great work ethic, communication skills, and organization skills.

Working in Enterprise Risk Management

As a member of our team here at Fannie Mae, you will work everyday to help everyday people fulfill the American dream of owning a house. However, specifically in the Enterprise Risk Management department, your overall goal will be to assess and manage enterprise risk. That being said, you will define, manage and measure the risk impact through a variety of models and methodologies, and mitigate potentially risks through sound judgments. You will be the first in line to identify risk trends or developments for individual customers or our internal business units. You will manage the risk based on a government structure within the appropriate parameters, including credit authorities and market risk limits. You will use your experience and judgment to model results and data.

Since Risk Management is an extremely important division of Fannie Mae; it is crucial that we hire the best in the field. We ask that candidates for this position have between 4 and 8 years of experience in risk management or a related field. A college degree is necessary for some risk management positions, but these requirements vary. We prefer professional training or postgraduate certification in the following areas: finance, mathematics, or accounting. MBAs are encouraged, but not required. Great organization and communication skills are mandatory, as is a great work ethic.

About Fannie Mae

Here at Fannie Mae, we believe in the American Dream. That dream includes a home for every family that needs one, and that’s why we have been serving the American people for the past 70 years. Our mission is to ensure that working families have access to mortgage credit to buy homes they can afford over the long term or that they can secure quality rental housing. As a government-sponsored enterprise, we are able to efficiently help Americans all over the country because of our widespread resources. We work tirelessly to stabilize not only the housing market, but neighborhoods and home values as well. We work to make a positive difference in the lives of Americans in their families and communities.

Why Work At Fannie Mae?

As employee at Fannie Mae, you will come to work every day in a positive, diverse, work-conducive environment. You will become part of a work organization that revolves around helping people not only in your job, but also through volunteerism and charitable giving. To show our employees just how much we value the work that they do, we offer a comprehensive benefits package that address your health and financial needs, as well as needs for the future and programs that are beneficial for your health and well-being. With many positions available and offices in multiple locations throughout the United States, there is surely an opportunity for you. Come join our team at Fannie Mae and make a difference.

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