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KONE Corporation offers job opportunities in the sales field, such as a sales representative for new equipment, to sell the product and the company to potential customers, a sales representative for service to develop existing customer accounts and retain and improve maintenance contracts, and a sales representative to work with a KONE team to develop modernization techniques and solutions.

Why choose KONE?

At KONE, we are not only dedicated to our customers, but to the comfort and safety of our employees as well. The flow of communication between employees on all levels is constant, as communication and a flow of ideas are two of our strongest values. For this reason, we maintain a positive, “can-do” attitude, and encourage teamwork, passion, new ideas, and employee engagement.

We are committed to providing a more eco-friendly means to vertical transportation. In 2010, we reached our goal to reduce our energy consumption of its volume products by 50 percent. Not only did we implement a type of motor that can regenerate energy in order to reduce it’s waste, but we also launched a type of elevator that consumes 30% less energy than previous models.

Because we value our employees, we have a zero tolerance policy towards unsafe behavior and attitudes. The goal for KONE is to minimize accidents, and ultimately be accident free. This stems from our belief that every employee of ours obtains the right to be injury-free, so our sites are closely monitored and accidents and heavily investigated.

KONE’s Customer Satisfaction

KONE Corporation is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and durable vertical transportation to our customers. We focus heavily on customer satisfaction, as well as safety and eco-efficiency. We believe in taking great care of our customers as well as the environment we live in.

In order demonstrate our commitment to our customers, and to best decipher what means of intra-building transportation will be the most efficient, we organized People Flow Day on the 100th anniversary of our company. Eight hundred of our employees ventured out to interview customers and make user observations, in order to see how our products are used in everyday life, and also to gain insight as to how we can make them more efficient.

Pleasing our customers is our number one value. We work not only for them, but also with them to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. We stay with our customers for the entire lifetime of their product to ensure their safety and satisfaction.

KONE’s values

Delighting the Customer
As a company, customers come first in our list of values. Their long-term happiness with the product is important, so for this reason we take special care to prioritize maintenance of the product, but also of the relationship.

Energy for Renewal
We strongly value the environment so we are constantly searching for new ways to preserve energy and make our products more eco-friendly.

Passion for Performance
A passion for performance is a necessary characteristic that we look for in all of our employees. We drive new ideas to realization with great speed and an obsession for high quality products.

Winning Together
As a large company spread across almost forty countries across the globe, we recognize the need to work together as a company. We are characterized by ethical behavior, as well as trust, respect, and an open flow of communication that allows for shared ideas and information.


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