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Hu-Friedy Jobs

At Hu-Friedy, a number of great job opportunities are open in locations across the country. We are looking for a Clinical Education Managers to deliver cutting edge research and information to thought leaders and key personnel at assigned academic institutions. A Customer Care Specialist to provide courteous, prompt, first-class service to our dealer partners and dental professionals. We are looking for a Design Engineer to design new or revised products. A Director of Global and Strategic Sourcing is needed to promote the continuous improvement of the Strategic Sourcing process, while developing contractual relationships and keeping up to date with market trends. A Dental Product Manager is needed in the United States and in Europe, preferably near Rotterdam. We are also hiring a Regulatory Affairs Specialist to research, prepare, and maintain documentation for compliance with U-S and International regulatory requirements, as well as a Marketing Intern.

Why Hu-Friedy?

Here at Hu-Friedy, our goal is to produce the best dental instruments in the industry. We believe that our dental instruments are unique because we design them to function as an extension of each practitioner. This yields the best results possible and for this reason we are known all over the world for our reliable and uncompromising quality.

Not only are we dedicated to providing our clients with superb dental equipment, but we are committed to recycling our instruments and offering rewards for clients who also choose to recycle. With our Environdent Recycling program, we are able to recycle over three tons of metal every year, and clients can receive one free instrument for every 12 they recycle by sending used instruments back to us.

As well as working to produce a healthier environment, we are also working to better our surrounding communities. Our involvement with the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization helps us promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for a cure. We also regularly donate dental instruments to those in need, in hopes of improving their lives.

The dental instruments we design are not just made to perform one function, but are made with our clients and customers in mind. Because of our dedication, our unique products are designed as the most perfectly efficient assets. We give this same care to our products as we do to our employee, and value them just as much as our customers.


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