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AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

AstraZeneca Careers

AstraZeneca has many great job opportunities, including one distinguished career as a district sales manager. As a full time member of the AstraZeneca team, your responsibilities will include managing the team of Pharmaceutical Sales Specialists, acting as medium between the sales force and other company outlets, as well as selling our products to a targeted audience.

Why AstraZeneca?

Here at AstraZeneca, we have created a work environment that is all together stimulating, gratifying, and comfortable. We strive to give our employees a place where they can live and perform up to their fullest potential. If you are seeking a life-changing career, one that will both challenge you and make a difference in your life, AstraZeneca is the place for you. Here, there exists incredible potential for you to change your life for the better, and also positively impact millions of our patients all over the world.

Our diverse team of 62,000 employees is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. Because our team comes from many different countries and backgrounds, we are able to collaborate hundreds of new, different ideas into solid solutions to help our customers. We encourage strong relationships between employer and employee, and believe that this flow of communication is crucial to a creative, innovative environment.

AstraZeneca Employees

Our employees mean everything to us because we acknowledge that they are the foundation of the company, the reason it functions as smoothly as it does. For this reason, we highly stress effective leadership skills in our employees, and provide a large range of learning and development (L&D) programs, which are designed to enhance leadership, as well as other important business and self-development skills.

As a company stretched across 10 countries around the world, we not only encourage diversity, but we make it a priority. We strive to ensure that success is solely based on work performance and potential, and that race, religion, gender, orientation, etc., are not factors at all. Recently, upon finding that our global workforce is 51% women and only 25% of senior managers are women, we hired an outside expert to conduct research the reason as to why a greater number of women do not advance to the most senior levels. The results were shared, and we, as a company, have been striving to change this statistic ever since.

We recognize our employees as the backbone of the company. Our health & wellness programs, SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) Programs, significant employee benefits, and concentrations in other, more specified safety issues are all testaments to our dedication to employee’s well being.

Community Investment

As a global company dedicated to healthcare, we know firsthand that many communities are in need of help and direction. We launched the AstraZeneca Young Health Program in order to reach out and do our part. The program, now active in 5 countries, focuses on educating, aiding, and providing for young people who are prone to certain diseases. This effort, along with $1.41 billion spent on community sponsorships in 2010, as well as thousands donated to disaster relief, shows how much AstraZeneca really does care.


District Sales Manager

Watch video District Sales Manager AstraZeneca Boise, Idaho
 AstraZeneca is looking for a District Sales Manager who will provide leadership and direction to Pharmaceutical Sales Specialists through effective coaching, mentoring, and utilization of resources aligned with organizational vision.
WATCH VIDEO The Company Behind the Job.

Operations & IS Global Graduate Associates Program

Watch video Operations & IS Global Graduate Associates Program AstraZeneca Wilmington, DE & International
 Our Global Graduate Associates program has opportunities in a number of key disciplines: Supply Chain, Procurement, Engineering, Quality and Information Services/Technology.
WATCH VIDEO The Company Behind the Job.

Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist

Watch video Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist AstraZeneca Lafayette, Louisiana
 AstraZeneca is looking for an experienced Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist with a proven track record of success.
WATCH VIDEO The Company Behind the Job.

Senior Cost Analyst

Watch video Senior Cost Analyst AstraZeneca Newark, DE
 AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to patient health through great medicines.
WATCH VIDEO The Company Behind the Job.

Senior Solution Architect

Watch video Senior Solution Architect AstraZeneca Waltham, Massachusetts
 AstraZeneca is seeking a Senior Solution Architect to provide technical expertise within our complex Research & Development environment.
WATCH VIDEO The Company Behind the Job.

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